Thursday, August 13, 2015

Flower Petal Earrings

This month I created a project using Makin’s Clay® called Flower Pendant - Caning with Makin’s Clay®.  The project explains how to make a cane which is used to make fun, funky flowers that can be turned into a pendant.

These are some earrings I made using the same cane created for the Flower Pendant project.

If you would like to make them, following these easy instructions:

Go to the Flower Pendant project on the Makin’s Clay®Blog and make a flower petal cane and let it dry.

Make pea size beads of clay, poke holes through them, and let them dry.

Once the cane and beads are dry, cut enough petals from the cane to go around the entire top of the bead.

Put the beads on a needle tool (I use turkey lacers).

Apply tacky glue around the top of the bead.

Add the petals and let dry.

Add findings, beads, and earring hooks to finish.

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  1. These look so great! Like perfect lil colorful snowdrop flowers! How fun!