Friday, December 18, 2015

Makin's Clay Napkin Ring

Need some quick and easy napkin rings?  Makin’s Clay® is just for you!



For each napkin ring make one big poinsettia from the Christmas Nature mold and three leaves from the Floral Mold.


Wrap a strip of clay around an oval cutter (or an empty toilet paper roll) to make the napkin ring band.


After everything has dried, cover with burnt umber oil paint and immediately rub off to antique them.


Add a dab of red oil paint to a paper towel and rub on the poinsettia.  Do the same with yellow oil paint for the center of the flower.  Apply green oil paint to the leaves.


I added red, yellow, and green glitter for a little sparkle.


Glue the leaves to the flower.


Glue the flower to the napkin ring.


Add your napkin and you are ready to go!  Quick and easy.