Monday, July 13, 2015

Pepcid® Complete® Bottle Makeover

Makin’s Clay® is an air-dry clay.  This makes it ideal to use to cover plastic containers that would normally melt if they were put in an oven to cure.  This is a Pepcid® Complete® container that was given a Makin’s Clay® makeover.
 I recently designed a project for Makin’s Clay® called Grapevine Vase.  I created the base clay to look like stone using white clay, black acrylic paint, and pepper.  I liked the look so much that I wanted to cover something different then a glass vase so I chose the Pepcid plastic bottle.  Each time I buy a new bottle, I can just dump the tablets into the decorated bottle and each time I have to chew a tablet, maybe my decorated bottle will help me forget my heartburn!


Sooooo, this is how I decorated the bottle: 

1.       Use the instructions from the Grapevine Vase project to create the stone clay.

2.       Roll the stone clay out on a #5 on a Makin’s®Professional™ Ultimate Clay Machine™ and cover the bottom and top of the bottle separately.  I found that rubbing a small amount of water along any seams helps make the seam disappear.

3.       Mold and then place the molded items on a moist paper towel.  This keeps the back nice and moist so they will easily stick to the bottle when it is time to put them in place.  I used Makin’s® Floral andBorders Push Molds and Makin’s Clay® Vineyard Vines purple and green and yellow clay.

a.       Nine green leaves. 

b.      Three purple flowers.  Add a small dot of yellow on top of the center. 

c.       Two leaf borders.

4.       Place the leaf borders around the top of the bottle to cover where the seam between the top and the bottom.

5.       Arrange the leaves and flowers on the front of bottle to your liking.

6.       Let the entire bottle dry.

7.       Antique with burnt umber oil paint mixed with turpenoid to thin the paint out.  Paint on and rub off.  If the paint gets too thick in areas, rub off with a little turpenoid.