Sunday, March 13, 2016

Makin’s Clay® Bow made with the Bow Genius™

Recently, I received a Bow Genius™ from Offray®.  With a Bow Genius™ you can make all sorts of bows, big and small.  Of course, bows are normally made from fabric ribbon.  Not mine!  I love making my bows from Makin’s Clay®.  Why?  Well, they are easy and fun to make, they keep their shape, and I can decorate them. 
I simply ran Makin’s Clay® through the Makin’s Professional® Ultimate Clay Machine from the largest setting down to the #7 setting to make a 36” ribbon.  I impressed the strip with the Makin’s® Stripes Texture sheet to make the clay look more like ribbon and then trimmed the sides with scissors.  I made the bow by following the directions for making a 4 Loops Tail Down Bow (found on YouTube), added crystals for decoration, and then a hair clip to the back to turn it into a cute hair bow.    
Check out my Treat Container project which can be found on the Makin’s Clay® blog for another example of what I used a clay bow for!