Sunday, August 2, 2015

Faux Stone Jewelry with Makin's Clay

Recently, I created a project using Makin's Clay® called Grapevine Vase which is featured on the Makin’s Clay® blog.  I wanted the vase to look like it was made out of stone so I used a recipe of white clay, black acrylic paint, and pepper to achieve a faux stone look.  Using the same recipe from the vase project, I made small rocks to create this bracelet, earrings, and pendant. 

For the bracelet, I made the rocks a consistent size by rolling out the clay and using the same cutter for each rock.

For the earrings, I used the same cutter but used one cutout for the smallest rock, two cutouts for the next, and three for the biggest rock. 

For the pendant, I used the leftover clay to make a flat stone and stamped the word, ‘STRENGTH’ on the front.  I inserted an eye pin before the clay dried.

For the rocks in the bracelet and earrings, I drilled the holes with an electric drill after they dried.

I antiqued all of the rocks by painting on black acrylic paint and immediately rinsing it off.


  1. Wow, love the look! Nice job Lisa!

  2. This is genius! All the earthy look of stone without the weight! Thank you for the share!

  3. Authentic look - WOW!!! Congrats
    Thanx for sharing