Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Makin’s Clay® Snowflake Gift Bottle


This is a plastic bottle makeover (see Pepcid® Complete® Bottle Makeover for the first one I did.)  I like to re-use or recycle when I can so covering plastic bottles makes me happy.  I used Makin’s Clay® because it is an air dry clay.  The covered bottle does not need to go into the oven for the clay to cure so the bottle won't melt.  I plan to use my newly transformed bottle to put money in and give as a Christmas gift to my favorite daughter.

 This is how I made the Snowflake Gift Bottle:


I used blue clay to totally cover the bottle. 


After the bottle dried I mixed a small dab of tacky glue with water.  I painted it on the bottle then rubbed on white glitter. I covered the whole bottle.

 I made snowflakes using white clay and Makin’s® Push Mold - Christmas Nature.  Once they dried, I used the glue and water mix to paint the recessed areas of the snowflakes then added blue glitter.




Using tacking glue, I glued the snowflakes to the bottle.  Now my bottle is ready to use.  Now, I'm off to find a $5 bill to go inside.  Isn't my daughter lucky?

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