Saturday, May 9, 2015

Memorial Day Earrings

Memorial Day Earrings
by Lisa Haney

Red, white, and blue earrings for Memorial Day, how patriotic is that?  These earrings were so easy to make.  And, because I used Makin's Clay they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. 

I rolled out the red and white clay on a #4 setting on my Atlas pasta machine.  I cut strips from each color then laid them side-by-side making stripes.  Next, I rolled out the blue clay and butted it up against the clay stripes.
I placed the entire piece between two sheets of hamburger paper, then, with a bone folder, I rubbed the clay together so the seams would join.  I did this to the front and the back. 
Using the large cutter from the Makin's Clay Star Cutter set, I cut out two stars from the patterned sheet.  I poked holes in the top of each.
Using Kemper cutters, I cut out six small stars and glued them to the bigger stars.  I added the earring hooks and jump rings. 
This is another pair of earrings I made using Makin's Clay, their texture sheets, Waves and Stripes, and the Makin's Clay Star Cutter Set.  I rolled out the blue and red clay and textured the blue with the Waves texture sheet and the white with the Stripes texture sheet.  I cut out two large blue stars and two large red stars.  I trimmed the red stars to be a strip down the middle of the blue star.  From white clay I cut out two small stars for the center of each earring.


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  1. These turned out nice. How did the beach project go?